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IT Service Management (ITSM) can mean different things to different people, however we’re pretty sure that there are common themes and dialogues that can be had.

  • IT Service Management is a discipline for managing Information Technology environments and is philosophically centered on the customer’s perspective of how IT is contributing to the business.
  • ITSM is not a technology-centered approach to IT management, but a business and service centered approach. This approach provides a basis for understanding how IT can fuel the business service delivery and not hinder it .
  • IT Service Providers can no longer afford to only focus on technology and their internal organisations – they now have to consider the quality of the services they provide and focus on the relationships with internal and external customers.

Tivoli service management software offers a platform for organizations to achieve the visibility, control and automation they need to deliver quality service. Unlike IT-centric service management, Tivoli service management software delivers a common foundation for managing, integrating and aligning business and technology requirements.

Tivoli service management software is designed to quickly address an organisation’s most pressing systems management needs and help proactively support changing business demands.

Some key enabling solutions in any ITSM environment are discovery, provisioning, monitoring and endpoint management:

Discovery           Provisioning

Monitoring         Endpoint Management

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