IT departments have always been charged with aligning their resources with business goals. The challenge lies in accurately understanding a changing set of interdependent IT resources that support specific, customer-facing services.

You need to gain a clear, comprehensive view of inter-dependencies between applications, computer systems and network devices and now enhanced storage discovery using agent-less and credential-free discovery and automated application mapping

To accomplish this, IT needs application service visibility to:

  • Know what configuration items (CIs) they have.
  • Learn how their CIs are configured and changing over time.
  • Determine if their CIs are compliant.

Automated Discovery and Visualization with IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager

Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager delivers automated discovery and configuration tracking capabilities to build application maps that provide real-time visibility into application complexity.

  • Understand the structure of interdependent and complex applications
  • Rapidly isolate configuration-related application problems, which reduces troubleshooting time from hours and days to minutes
  • Better understand the impact of component-level events in order to sort issues based on application and service impact
  • More effectively plan change so that application upgrades and deployments can occur without disruptions
  • Create a shared topological definition of applications for use by other management applications, such as service level managers and provisioning tools
  • Efficiently works across platforms such as Microsoft, Distributed and Mainframe

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