Monitoring  - Reduce and control the down time of IT resources

Perform proactive monitoring of various elements of your such as hardware, applications, networking and storage equipment, and End to End Application Performance Monitoring of simple and complex applications. Monitoring is a key component of Service Availability Management.

“62% of network downtime is due to human error….80% of IT budgets is used for maintenance and operations.”.  Yankee Group survey

How important are your IT resources ? Do you have any pro-active plans or tools in place to monitor their performance and availability? Have you captured any metrics for performance and SLA reporting or capacity planning ?

Have you ever thought what would happen, if one of your servers started having performance issues, or God forbid a serious hardware problem shuts down the server ?

The IT components of most services will typically revolve around hardware and software resources, such as servers, desktops, applications, databases, middleware and messaging systems. Monitoring is a key component of Service Availability Management.

We define Service Availability Management as the practice of ensuring levels of IT Service availability for use in Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Why should You implement Availability Management?

Benefits to implementing Availability Management processes include:

  • Services are available for use during expected timeframes as specified in Service Level Agreements.
  • Services are provisioned on specific infrastructure depending upon their availability needs. This avoids unnecessary costs due to provisioning services with longer recovery times on more expensive high-availability platforms.
  • Potential service availability issues are identified and corrected before they negatively impact services.

IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring software helps you optimize IT infrastructure performance and availability.

Use this system monitoring software to manage operating systems, databases and servers in distributed and host environments.

  • Provides a common, flexible and easy-to-use browser interface and customizable workspaces to facilitate system monitoring
  • Detects and recovers potential problems in essential system resources automatically
  • Offers lightweight and scalable architecture, with support for IBM AIX®, Solaris, Windows®, Linux® and IBM System z® monitoring software
  • Includes, as part of the system monitoring software package, easy-to-use warehouse and advanced reporting capability
  • Helps ensure IT resources and staff are operating efficiently and effectively, when combined with composite application, event, network and service-level management solutions from IBM Tivoli
  • Operating systems supported: AIX, HP-UX, i/OS family, Solaris (Sun microsystems), Windows family

Contact us today to for more information about our Availability Management offerings. We can also facilitate financing solutions from IBM Global Financing, which can enable effective cash management, protection from technology obsolescence, improved total cost of ownership and return on investment.

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