Viewing for updates Britney Spears: Intercourse Kitten Programming

Viewing for updates into the on-going Britney Spears saga is appearing exhausting. I’m perhaps not the largest Britney fan in the first place, so that it’s a bit of the task to scour the recesses of tabloid mags for updates.

But, the whole tale that is unfolding is FASCINATING!

Learn that is attempting to expose a concealed truth and just why we think Britney was brainwashed in this latest update…

Catch up currently!

We currently carried out an investigation that is lengthy Britney’s MKULTRA connections from the podcast:

Presuming your reader is all trapped; we could go into it…

Sex Kittens in Pop Society

Britney Spears is not a isolated instance regarding the sex kitten symbolism. We could rattle down a couple of other names that are familiarlinks provided in photo captions):

And there are many more…

simply a coincidence right?

How come all of them repeat this? Browse to get more (*we’ll get back into your head control development of intercourse kittens later on)…

Directly through the horse’s lips

Director David LaChapelle is renowned for an array of music videos, including Britney’s “Everytime.” This video clip is wondering since it has most of the symbolism that is familiar seen from countless occult-celebrities:

We come across the string that is red bracelet and bath tub symbolism (an occult ritual of this symbolic loss of the initiate goddess- all this is within my Britney podcast unique above).

Wiki includes a interested history on that specific movie that LaChapelle shot:

She begins to drown inside her bathtub after bleeding from a mind wound. Into the medical center, physicians are not able to resuscitate her, while simultaneously a kid comes to the world when you look at the next space (implying she’s got been reincarnated). The initial concept had Spears destroy by by herself from the medication overdose, but that an element of the plot had been eliminated as a glamorization of suicide after it received criticism from organizations such as Kidscape, who perceived it.

Britney desired to perish when you look at the bath tub- the moving over of this goddess (the same task we saw with Whitney Houston and her child Bobbi Kristina who BOTH died when you look at the bathtubs).

Tupac picture from LaChapelle shows him into the tub

Let’s arrive at the main reason we ready this analysis today for you personally; David LaChapelle recently unveiled their truth into the globe regarding Britney’s disappearance that is odd the general public attention on a now-deleted IG post in reaction up to a video past from cd.collector:

“This is a number of my footage, this is simply not my edit, we believe it is extremely suspect that the movie ended up being ‘leaked’ while Britney had been ‘away.’”

“The video/song wasn’t released because Britney didn’t want it. Her vocals being a musician, should really be respected. The sole ukrainian dating sites way Britney ever provided me with because of this video clip is for me personally to movie her when you look at the cage. During the time i did understand why would n’t you intend to be filmed in a cage? wen the beginning I envisioned to film her as being a tigress, but she desired to be filmed more fearful, such as a kitten. For everyone back at my group, at the least, we’re able to inform one thing had been down.”

“The only direction Britney provided me with when it comes to movie ended up being that she wished to perish, that she desired to perish within the movie.”

“I have actually known Britney since she was 17. We shot her first cover, Rolling rock, it absolutely was shot in Louisiana at her home, filled up with her pageant trophies. I really could inform also in those days one thing had beenn’t right.”

In the Wiki when it comes to movie it offers more kitten symbolism with males which can be: “hanging down poles next to leopards.”

The movie in mention has been eliminated with its entirety from the web; but screenshots continue to be available.

Britney in a cage aided by the All Seeing Eye

Fans had been petitioning for the production for this movie straight right back in 2016 (article on september:

“Fans started a petition targeted at getting RCA to produce the first, David LaChapelle-directed video clip for the album’s first single, that was allegedly scrapped for being “too sexy.” Talking to the l . a . Occasions, Rudolph desired to defuse online urban myths that the clip that is first canned since the singer thought it had been too sexy.

“It’s actually simple. The movie simply did work that is n’t” Rudolph told the paper without explaining exactly exactly what the initial pass appeared as if. “This could be the time that is first reshot a video clip, and as it’s Britney you can find all sorts of conspiracies. No body is hiding anything.” Lauded photographer-turned-video-director that is fine-art was behind the lens for all intimately charged clips — including Christina Aguilera’s controversial “Dirrty” — and had caused Spears before from the video for “Everytime”; up to now he’s got maybe perhaps maybe not talked concerning the “Make Me” redo.”

It would appear that Britney had been pressing of these symbols- but why would she?…

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